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Course TitleLength (Hrs)Start DateEnd DateMTU
ILETSB - CIT - Dispatch - Doyle8.0012/08/202312/08/20234
AT - Solo Officer Response Rapid Deployment8.0012/08/202312/08/202315
Personal & Professional Breakthroughs in Law Enforcement8.0012/08/202312/08/202315
High-Risk Traffic Stops and De-escalation8.0012/08/202312/08/202314
TASER Annual Recertification3.0012/08/202312/08/202315
Personal & Professional Breakthroughs in Law Enforcement8.0012/09/202312/09/202315
2023 - Rapid Response to Active Shooter - 4 Hr Refresher - Quincy PD4.0012/11/202312/11/20239
Close Range Subject Control Instructor Course24.0012/11/202312/13/20231
ILETSB - Crisis Intervention Training - Basic CIT - 40 Hours40.0012/11/202312/15/202313
Patrol Carbine/Patrol Rifle Instructor Course - Yanor32.0012/11/202312/14/202310
Use of Force Decision Making-Firearms Simulator-MTU14.0012/11/202312/13/20231
Force on Force Scenario Training - Dixon4.0012/12/202312/14/20231
Instructor Development for Law Enforcement24.0012/12/202312/14/202315
Cell Phone Evidence: From Seizure to Courtroom18.0012/12/202312/14/20234
Instructor Armorer Certification (PepperBall)16.0012/12/202312/13/202314
Breach Point8.0012/12/202312/13/202314
4 Hour High Risk Traffic Stop Course4.0012/12/202312/12/20231
4 Hour High Risk Traffic Stop Course4.0012/12/202312/19/20231
Taser Re Cert2.0012/13/202312/13/202314
Domestic/Sexual Violence Intervention and Investigation8.0012/13/202312/13/202316
Laws Concerning Stops, Searches and Use of Force6.0012/13/202312/13/202315
Juvenile Interrogation and Delinquency Update8.0012/14/202312/14/202316
Proactive Patrol Tactics & Terrorism Intelligence Gathering Vehicle Stops - 16 Hour16.0012/14/202312/15/202314
2023 - Rapid Response to Active Shooter - 4 Hr Refresher - Quincy PD4.0012/14/202312/14/20239
8-Hour Use of Force & De-Escalation Techniques8.0012/14/202312/14/202315
16 Hour Patrol Rifle Course - Morgan Co16.0012/14/202312/15/20239
8-Hour High Risk Traffic Stops & De-Escalation Techniques8.0012/15/202312/15/202315
Rescue Task Force8.0012/16/202312/16/202314
Advanced Response to Terrorism Active Killer Rescue Task Force8.0012/17/202312/17/202314
Below 1004.0012/18/202312/18/202316
Basic Patrol Rifle Training16.0012/18/202312/19/202315
Mobile Phone Investigations & Cellular Analysis Course40.0012/18/202312/22/202313
TASER Annual Recertification3.0012/19/202312/19/202315
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Patrol Officers8.0012/19/202312/19/20239
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (A.R.I.D.E.)16.0012/20/202312/21/202316
TASER Annual Recertification3.0012/20/202312/20/202315
Body Searches: From Terry Stop to Strip Search8.0012/27/202312/27/202313
Oleo-Resin Capsicum (OC) Instructor8.0012/28/202312/28/202313
IPS - Law Enforcement Officer Training - Case of the Month - October 2023 (Primary)0.5001/01/202401/01/202414
IPS - Law Enforcement Officer Training - Case of the Month - October 2023 (Alternative)0.5001/01/202401/01/202414
Surviving Hidden Weapons8.0001/04/202401/04/202413
ILETSB - SRO Recertification - Butts16.0001/04/202401/05/202416
Call Detail Records and Geolocation Analysis of Mobile Phones24.0001/08/202401/10/20249
Rapid Response/Active Shooter Instructor Course32.0001/08/202401/11/202414
Advanced Animal Control Officer Certification32.0001/08/202401/11/20244
Conflict Resolution & De-escalation Strategies for Police8.0001/08/202401/08/20241
Basic Instructor Development Course - 32 Hour32.0001/09/202401/12/202410
TASER Annual Recertification3.0001/09/202401/09/202415
Resilient Life for Cops8.0001/09/202401/09/202416
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care8.0001/10/202401/10/202416