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Course TitleLength (Hrs)Start DateEnd DateMTU
Advanced Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Patrol Officers8.0005/21/202405/21/202410
4 Hour MILO Use of Force 1-2 Officers4.0005/21/202405/21/202414
4 Hour MILO Use of Force 1-2 Officers4.0005/21/202405/21/202414
Basic Tactical Medical Course - MTU14.0005/21/202405/21/20241
AHA CPR/AED3.0005/21/202405/21/20249
AHA CPR/AED3.0005/22/202405/22/20249
Sovereign Citizen Awareness & Law Enforcement Responses8.0005/22/202405/22/20242
High Risk Vehicle Tactics Instructor24.0005/22/202405/24/202413
Alcohol Compliance Check Investigations4.0005/22/202405/22/202414
AHA CPR/AED3.0005/23/202405/23/20249
Henry County SO - Taser Recert and Use of Force Review4.0005/24/202405/24/20244
AT - Solo Officer Response Rapid Deployment8.0005/24/202405/24/202415
Patrol Rifle Instructor40.0005/24/202405/24/20241
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DRONES) in Law Enforcement32.0005/28/202405/31/20241
AR15 Armorer's Course16.0005/28/202405/30/202415
Call Detail Records and Geolocation Analysis of Mobile Phones24.0005/28/202405/30/20241
Identifying and Intercepting School Violence Through Cyber-Investigations16.0005/28/202405/29/202441
Call Detail Records and Geolocation Analysis of Mobile Phones24.0005/28/202405/30/20242
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) in Law Enforcement32.0005/28/202405/31/20242
Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) - Basic8.0005/29/202405/31/202415
Freedom of Information (FOIA) Law Review & Update 20244.0005/29/202405/29/20249
Basic Ballistic Shield Deployment8.0005/29/202405/29/202413
The Legal and Justifiable Use of Force - Pavletic8.0005/29/202405/29/202413
ILETSB - Intro to CIT Training - Mental Health Awareness & Response8.0005/29/202405/29/202415
Detective Boot Camp16.0005/29/202405/30/202414
8-Hour Use of Force & De-Escalation Techniques8.0005/30/202405/30/202415
Criminal Procedure By Pavletic8.0005/30/202405/30/202413
High- Risk Traffic Stops Instructor Course16.0005/30/202405/31/202415
Basic Patrol Rifle8.0005/30/202405/30/202414
Advanced Patrol Rifle8.0005/31/202405/31/202414
8-Hour High Risk Traffic Stops & De-Escalation Techniques8.0005/31/202405/31/202415
Basic Police Shotgun Course - 8 hour8.0006/03/202406/03/202415
Annual Qualification Shoot & Use of Force Review - 1 hour1.0006/03/202406/03/202415
Patrol Rifle Qualification & Use-Of-Force Review1.0006/03/202406/03/202415
Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Investigations of Child Physical Abuse and Death8.0006/03/202406/03/20249
Call Detail Records and Geolocation Analysis of Mobile Phones24.0006/03/202406/05/202414
Basic Police Sniper/Observer40.0006/03/202406/07/202413
Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention27.0006/03/202406/05/20249
Illinois Vehicle Code Law Update8.0006/03/202406/03/202414
Rapid Deployment and Rescue Task Force4.0006/03/202406/07/20242
Emergency Medical Response4.0006/03/202406/03/202415
TASER Certification (full course)6.0006/03/202406/03/202415
The Winning Mind for Women8.0006/04/202406/04/202416
Basic Patrol Rifle Training16.0006/04/202406/05/202415
Sexual Assault - Trauma Informed - Initial Response (Day-1)8.0006/04/202406/04/202415
Sexual Assault Investigator Training (Day-2)8.0006/05/202406/05/202415
The Threat of Hate Groups and Their Implications of LE - Alexander8.0006/05/202406/05/20249
Use of Force Module One8.0006/05/202406/05/202413
Alcohol Compliance Check Investigations - ILCC4.0006/05/202406/05/202410
Use of Force Module Two8.0006/06/202406/06/202413